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La Baule is a famous Seaside resort located on the Atlantic coast,
it is part of the Côte d'Amour,
between Le Pouliguen and Pornichet.

The town is part of the departement Loire Atlantique (44)
and the region Pays de la Loire.

La Baule was born at the beginning of the 19th century
with the idea to develop the 8 km long beach
on the baie of Pouliguen.
The town would develop by allowing architects,
such as Adrien Grave, Georges Lafont or Paul-Henri Datessen,
to create an architectural heritage made up of villas and hotels
in a mosaic of neo-Gothic-inspired styles. or medieval,
regionalist or futuristic.

La Baule has developed a series of international events
such as the International Jumping of France
the La Baule automobile Grand Prix,
and the La Baule-Dakar race, launched in 1980 by the nautical circle.

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La Baule is also known for
Aeronautique Museum, Bernard Boesch Museum

La Baule Vintage Poster
by Charles Jean Hallo, 1931

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View on the bay of La Baule,
photo by Emmanuel Kierzkowski